Carroll Canyon Golf Center

5605 Carroll Canyon Road
San Diego, CA 92121

The former Carroll Canyon Golf Center that the San Diego Golf Pages had previously recommended for many years is now under new ownership and has a new name.

After providing the Carroll Canyon Golf Center with a FREE listing and advertising for over 20 years and referring 10's of thousands of golfers to the Golf Center over all those years the new owner has decided not to have a marketing relationship with The San Diego Golf Pages.

According to the new owner and his Attorney, the San Diego Golf Pages website was sending them too many golfers that had complained the prices listed on the website were a couple dollars less than the new higher prices. It was quite a surprising complaint as we believe most savy businessmen would think that to be a very minor and perhaps good problem to have considering all the FREE advertising and referrals they had received over the past 20 years and were continuing to receive! Most businesses actually pay for expensive advertising and recommendations and can only hope it results in referrals and more business.

We did offer to update all the information and pricing for the new Golf Center and to keep it current for a nominal administrative fee but the new owner has declined to accept our offer.

At the request of the new owner, effective immediately, we have removed all the old information about the previous Carroll Canyon Golf Center and we will not post any information about the new facility, hours, services and prices.

As a result and quite logically, we DO NOT recommend the new golf center. Instead, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND the other Driving Ranges and Practice Facilities listed on the San Diego Golf Driving Ranges and Practice Facilities page.

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